Black friday deals on monitors

Commercial-level sales sites are geared toward specific industries and can also help you determine any computer accessories that would be useful to pick up at the same time.

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These types of vendors often offer different levels of account access. At higher rewards levels, you can get more valuable monitor coupons and other discounts, so it pays to order in bulk. When you're shopping for yourself, turn to merchants like Amazon, Newegg , Micro Center and BenQ to find monitor discounts on new, used and refurbished units.

Refurbished units in particular often offer the highest discounts. With refurbished items, when customers ship back damaged pieces, sometimes it's more efficient to send the customers new monitors and fix the damaged ones back to factory specs. Retailers then sell the repaired units for less than the price of new displays. Refurbished monitor sales generally give you outstanding performance at a significantly reduced cost.

Cyber Monday, the Monday following America's Thanksgiving holiday, is a prime time to shop for a monitor. Online stores are looking to reduce their stock and cover annual expenses, so they slash prices on many products, often to their lowest levels of the year. Some manufacturers, like Dell and others, often have to clear out their remaining inventory when the newer versions start to come in.

Monitor Deals

PC monitors have reached such a high quality in the last few years that they rival or exceed HDTVs in terms of quality, so it's not always necessary to have the latest versions. Slickdeals Categories Computers Monitors. Show results for. Newegg Amazon 7. Best Buy 7. Micro Center 4. Costco Wholesale 3. NeweggFlash 3. Walmart 3. BuyDig 1.

Don't miss a single chance to save. Here are more Monitors discounts.

Newegg Marketplace 1. We have plenty of monitor reviews — as does our sister site TechRadar — which give unbiased opinions on which monitors are worth your money. Many online stores such as Amazon also display reviews from people who have bought the products, and this can be a useful way of gauging how good the monitor is before you buy. We'll be keeping a keen eye out for any brilliant deals and will be highlighting them here, so you don't need to check anywhere else. Also, we'll be using our expert knowledge to make sure that only the very best Black Friday monitor deals are included, so you don't have to worry about being let down.

If you're looking for a monitor for your creative work, then there are certain features that you should look out for when browsing Black Friday monitor deals.

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  • Best Computer Monitor Deals!

For creatives looking for a monitor to work on, the way the monitor handles colour is essential. You'll want to make sure it has a wide colour gamut that is capable of displaying colours accurately, and the best monitors for creatives will have profiles that match certain display standards such as sRGB, Adobe RGB and Rec. HDR stands for high dynamic range, and it is a feature that is increasingly being included in modern monitors.

It allows for a greater dynamic range of luminosity and higher contrasts between light and dark, and can make a huge difference to the image quality of the monitor. Another important feature to look out for in a monitor is wide viewing angles. This means you can view the images on the screen from various angles without the image displaying incorrectly.

When to Shop for Monitor Deals

This is important when working with large monitors, or if you often have other people crowding around the monitor to look at your work. When browsing monitor deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you may see lots of numbers and specifications bandied about. But what are the important specifications to bear in mind? Resolution is probably the most important specification when it comes to image quality, as the higher the resolution, the sharper and more detailed the image.

However, high resolution monitors are more expensive, and need more powerful hardware. A monitor's screen size is another important specification to consider. Smaller screens, inch to inch in size, are usually more affordable and are better suited to desks where there's not much room. Medium-sized monitors of inch to inch in size are a good middle ground if you want extra space to work on.

Large monitors that are inch, inch and inch are great for presenting on and working on big images, but can be expensive and, of course, need more room on a desk.

Black Friday Monitors Deals | Laptops Direct

The larger a monitor, the further back you'll need to sit to work on them comfortably. The size of a monitor can also dictate what resolution is best. Smaller monitors don't need very high resolutions, and too high resolutions on small monitors will make them uncomfortable to use. Meanwhile, large monitors with low resolutions will result in poor image quality, as fewer pixels are enlarged to cover more space. The aspect ratio of the monitor is another important specification for creatives to consider. This determines how high and wide the monitor is.

Most modern monitors are aspect ratio, which is standard widescreen. Some are a more square aspect ratio. There are also ultra-wide monitors with aspect ratios. These give you a huge amount of space to work on, but for most photographers and creative professionals, is the aspect ratio to go for. This is a Ultra HD monitor with a large inch size which makes brilliant use of the high resolution. Screen size: If you don't have the room for a huge monitor, and you don't need incredibly high resolutions, then the AOC PDS is definitely a monitor to look out for on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

It's beautifully designed, and it provides very good image quality considering its low price. It does lack some of the features of more expensive monitors, but if you're shopping on a budget and see a deal that knocks even more money off its asking price, it's a great bargain. Dell's top-end This makes it a great monitor for people who really depend on color accuracy for their creative work.

Acer SB220Q bi 21.5" Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Ultra-Thin Zero Frame Monitor (HDMI & VGA port)

However, there is a catch, as this is a pricey monitor. That does make it a great monitor to keep an eye out for on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, however, as it could see some hefty price cuts. Also Dell is well known for offing great Black Friday deals on its monitors. Jump To:.

TOP 10 Black Friday Deals for PC Gamers YOU NEED!

Reasons to Buy 4K resolution. Reasons to Avoid Design may seem dull to some. Reasons to Buy Easy to set up. Reasons to Avoid Lacks ports.